Fernando Morillo González



  • Lecture at an international congress on the new Foundations Act held in León (13-14 November 1996)
  • Lecture at a course on NPO asset management: NPO asset management: legal aspects, run by the Universidad-Empresa Foundation and Sector 3 (October 1999)
  • Lecture at the Extremaduran conservationist association ADENEX: Setting up a foundation: theoretical and practical aspects, Montanchez (Cáceres province, November 1999)
  • Lecture at a course on NGOs organised by the Youth Institute (IJ): Foundations, Morillo de Tou (Huesca province, November 2000)
  • Lecture at the Accounting Institute (ICAC): Foundations: an approach to their legal framework (Madrid, June 2002)
  • Lecture at a conference organised by iiR España on corporate foundations: A foundation’s board of trustees (Madrid, 30 September 2002)
  • Lecture at a conference organised by the Spanish Foundations Association: The new laws on foundations and the tax framework for non-profit organisations and tax incentives for sponsors (Madrid, 24 April 2003)
  • Lecture at the 17th annual mini-congress of the Hispano-German Lawyers’ Association: Unlawful offerings of copyright work for download on the internet; legal consequences of copyright infringement in Spain; perspectives at European level (Berlin, 21 October 2006)